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For User

One app. One location.
Yumfox solves the inconvenience of downloading and searching multiple apps to find the best price and deal on your favorite food. Yumfox ends this frustration and saves you and the restaurants time, and money!
We connect YOU directly with the restaurant cutting out expensive and time consuming 3rd party companies.
Slyde. Order. Feed!
Free up your busy schedule with our easy and convenient ordering system. Yumfox lets you order what you want from where you want regardless of the pickup options or delivery company.
Building together
Get access to hyper local popup restaurants and ghost kitchens in your community not available on 3rd party delivery apps. You become the strength to help build their brand and help your friends and family build a stronger community ecosystem.
YumFox! is a company that gives! “Paws” is a social conscious feeding program that starts with every order YOU place through the YumFox! system.
"PAWS" lets YOU
• Track social impact,
• Help teach sustainability,
• Engage in micro-entrepreneurialism,
• Acknowledge and celebrate by 'PAWS'ing life and rewarding those who are making a difference
For Restaurant
Restaurants win with yumfox!
Restaurant owners are our heros! Yumfox highlights the restaurants regardless of pickup options, who delivers, or who has partnered with them for delivery. This gives the restaurants a greater chance for exposure and increased order rates by letting yumfox connect them directly back to the user.
3rd party companies take a huge chunk of profit from restaurants just to use their platforms. Delivery fees, increased menu items, service fees, and on it goes! The more fees they take the less revenue the restaurant hero's never see. yumfox solves this by connecting you with the data you deserve about who is ordering from you.
The communities you serve and the loyal patrons who love your food are in fact YOUR customer, not the 3rd party delivery companies! Yet, they take that customer data and use it for themselves leaving you in the dark and taking all the profit with them.

Partner with yumfox today and start regaining and rebuilding those customer relationships.
  • When restaurants partner with yumfox they don't get lost in the 3rd party search engines based on the number of orders. The yumfox platform is a front facing advertising and marketing marketplace that highlights your restaurant to users closest to you. Everything is displayed easily it what’s known as the “The Food Den”. A centralized arena for hungry people to order pickup or delivery from their favorite restaurants in a hyper localized area.
  • The Yumfox Management System (YMS) collects data from the users, and the restaurants. This allows us to customize advertising for each party. The YMS increases visibilty, drives traffic and builds stronger revenue streams.
  • Let us help you build profit. The food ordering and delivery market is experiencing rapid growth by users normalizing delivery services for food, goods, and services. yumfox is creating new ordering experiences through virtual platforms opening new markets and exciting new ways for consumers to interact with your brand.
It's not just a food
Its an
With yumfox, customers, restaurants and communities all WIN! click the link below to get started